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Public Peek

Public Peek is a site for those who have ever wondered what it would be like to stick a spycam in the corner of a womans bathroom, or for those who want to see a couple go at it in the park as cars pass nearby. Wonder no more. Public Peek offers tons of images of these and other scenes. For the guy who wants to sit back and enjoy the ride, Public Peek gives you a voyeuristic view of hot girls that will get your cock pumping.



Trial:       $4.95 (3 days trial, recurs at $34.95)
Monthly:  $34.95 (30 days, recurs at $34.95)
Multi-Mo: $74.95 (90 days, recurs at $74.95)
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      Upskirts, voyeur, nude in public, thongs exposed

    We got her panties and she has no idea

    The ultimate voyeur site

      What I really enjoyed about Public Peek was the nature of the voyeuristic shots. Public Peek images offered a reality that other voyeur sites often neglect. A few of the scenes seemed a bit staged, but the shots I enjoyed the most were the shopping center upskirts.

    A woman in a short, full-piece skirt roams the isles of a grocery store. At first, she gingerly crouches, ensuring no one can see up her dress, to look at something on the bottom shelf. The camera moves in, trying to capture a view between her legs, but to no avail at first. She stands up, and just when you think youve lost the view, she crouches again. The foot mounted camera moves in close, right up her skirt to get a full view of her obviously shaved pussy, and a pair of black panties with a red lip design. I particularly liked the one set of lips set right over where her clit would be.

    While all photos were high quality, you may find a bit of blur in some images. This is to be expected. Voyeur shots, particularly upskirts, usually have a lot of movement. However, this does not ruin the quality of the shot, nor distract from the turn-on of the scene.

    Custom Public Peek movies were scarce on this site, and its too bad because judging from the quality of photos, Id have expected some quality videos. Nonetheless, Public Peek offers tons of bonus and third party movies to keep your heart pounding and cock throbbing.

    Ease of Navigation:
      VIP XXX Area is the first page link to Public Peeks. On this page, you will find both your member site, and all the bonus material. The actual Public Peek site is located under a title called Main Content about half way down the page.

    Once you click on the Public Peek banner, you will be taken to the featured site. Here, you will have access to all the custom voyeur material including bathroom scenes, up-skirts and more. This portion of the site is easy to navigate. Click on a thumbnail of the scene you want to view, and you will be taken to a linked page where you will find over a hundred photos. The only difficulty in viewing the photos is that you will have to use your back button to return to the gallery and to the main page.

      Public Peek has some amazing high quality images, and while third party movies are offered by the dozens, I was a bit disappointed that there were no custom films. There were certain images I wish had films, and in this respect I found Public Peek to be a huge, cock throbbing tease. This is great if you want your balls tightening and youre your cock teased mercilessly, yet in my opinion Public Peek was just that: a peek but no show.

    Originality: 6 / 10
    Quality 13 / 15
    Exclusivity 6 / 10
    Speed 8 / 10
    Updates: 7 / 10
    Quantity 10 / 15
    Navigation Ease: 7 / 10
    Features 3 / 05
    Design: 3 / 05
    Price: 7 / 10
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