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Church Upskirts

There is probably no place more immune to erotica than church but even that sacred space has been invaded by a perverted voyeur named Steve Church. At Church Upskirts, this naughty man packs a hidden camera in his suit and scouts out the prim and proper ladies who wear short skirts and snaps coy upskirt shots while their unaware of being spied. Church Upskirts is certainly one of the most imaginative fetish collections out there and will surely fill your desire for the naughtiest kink to come from a pulpit in ages.



Monthly:  $29.95 (30 days, recurs at $29.95)
  Image sets: 91 containing 26 pics each Zip: Y Stills: Y
Episodes: 20+ (approx.  1 min. each) Downloadable: Y Streaming: N
Full Scene: Y Multi-Part: Y Vid Caps: N
Multi-Band: N High Def: N Avg. Size: 1MB
Video Format:
Real (.rm)
515 kbs 320x240
Window (.avi)
515 kbs 320x240
Real (.rm)
515 kbs 320x240
Video Restrictions:
  DRM: No  Download Limit: No
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  • The most outrageous and controversial upskirt collection on the net
  • Check your religion and morals at the door when entering
  • Prim and proper church babes caught exposing their private parts
  • Advertising Come-On:
      As if having naughty thoughts in church wasn't sin enough, Church Upskirts goes a step further and captures kinky images of choir chicks and married moms who are unaware that their skirts are up so high that their underwear, or lack thereof, is on total display. No woman is safe on her pew as this voyeur producer makes his rounds in some of the biggest churches in his area. You're cautioned to leave your morals at the door because this collection is sure to cause controversy.
      Since the nature of the collection at Church Upskirt is amateur voyeur, most of the babes here aren't named since there really isn't enough time to go ask for personal information when you're trying to capture upskirt pictures. It's pretty amazing that so many babes go to church wearing skirts so short that their ride up on the simplest of occasions. As you'll find out, a lot of them don't bother to wear underwear since they assume they'll be safely sitting on pews throughout the service.

    Coy glimpses of rounded female ass hidden by silky church skirts combine with overt snaps of tight crotches covered in cotton underwear while the minister drones on about salvation. In short, you'll surely be paying your church a visit with the hopes of finding your own voyeur targets.

    Ease of Navigation:
      Not surprising, capturing a large number of chicks in church who are bold enough to not wear underwear is a pretty daunting task, but Church Upskirts has managed to find a substantial collection. Their amateur church babes are grouped by the date their were first photographed and some of them are full sets containing numerous upskirt shots while others were obviously done on the fly with only the briefest glimpses of panty or prim twat. 
      As you get older, the appeal of sitting in church and listening to some man talk about giving money and agreeing with his beliefs grows tired, but Church Upskirts has found a way to reinvigorate the appeal of heading out on a weekly basis. Turns out that there are lots of babes who go to church wearing short skirts and some who don't bother to wear underwear. These chicks make the easiest of upskirt targets as their cross their legs during the service and bend over when they drop a hymnal.
    Originality: 10 / 10
    Quality 7 / 15
    Exclusivity 9 / 10
    Speed 8 / 10
    Updates: 9 / 10
    Quantity 10 / 15
    Navigation Ease: 9 / 10
    Features 3 / 05
    Design: 3 / 05
    Price: 8 / 10
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